Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sensory Room Ideas???

We recently gave our 3 yo autistic son his own bedroom.  Now we're wondering how to safely decorate it while integrating a little sensory comfort.

We started just with his toddler bed, a rug, and a valance.  My husband had to anchor the bed to the floor with 2-25 lb sacks of rice stashed underneath and a little duct tape to keep it on the floor.  The windows have been painted with black tempera paint in order to keep the light out as curtains and blinds are obviously out of the question.

We decided he needed a little "furniture" but nothing he could climb on or use to get himself up on the window.  So off to a few stores we went.  We bought 2 bean bag chairs and then found these really neat pillows that were being clearanced out for about $5.

They have little chenille nubs on them and he LOVES how they feel.  And of coarse he immediately informed us they were aquamarine, chartreuse, and purple.  (I don't think I knew what chartreuse was until I was well into high school... maybe later.)

Glidden sent me a couple of samples of paint and I think we're going to do a navy and taupe combination with taupe on the bottom, then a chair rail line, and navy on the upper.  This way we can have a "starry night" on the walls and the taupe will be light enough that any nicks won't show as much.

I'd really like to put a few more things in there to occupy him.  My hope is that if he's having a hard day, I can let him go in there and relax a little without thinking he's being punished.  I've found wall boards that have gears on them for spinning like you would see in a waiting room at the doctor's office, but they want almost $300 for them.

So the post today is asking for your input.  What have you used for your child's bedroom?  What ideas do you have to share???


  1. Love the pillows. Can you go to the hardware store and get some of those gears and make your own? Nevermind I'm imagining pinched fingers. We have in our family room eye hooks in the ceiling and therapy swings we made ourselves. Is that an option for you guys? That way the hooks are out of the way and the swings can be taken down and hidden. Hope that helps.

  2. I know you mentioned to me once that he loves a platform swing. Is there room to put that up where he can't get on anything else or hurt himself? (I haven't seen his room yet.)

    Here's some other ideas but I'm not sure how well they're work.
    -rope lights in the upper corners of his room
    -exercise ball one without legs
    -a ball pit by using an inflatable pool
    -a board with holes cut out for a climbing wall attached to a wall where he can't get into anything
    -aquadoodle for the wall so he can color (so you don't have to have a table mounted in there)
    -the toys with beads that go along wire sometimes their in the doctors office we have one that we got for $5 from the thrift store and mount it on the wall
    -Paint an area with the chalk board paint so he can chalk
    -Not sure if you can find them but a long time ago they had pads that were small and they changed color with body heat.

    My son's room is empty and all his stuff is locked in a closet due to the huge mess he makes and can't seem to handle.

    Hope that helps some or gets some creative juices going. I know it's hard.

  3. Hey, I went to Christian Book Distributors online and they have the package of gears for like $40. It's not on a board or anything. I think you have to go into the homeschooling section of the site though.


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